Individuals Seeking Grants

Colorado Grants does NOT provide any services to individuals seeking funding. We only write grant proposals to help nonprofit organizations, like homeless shelters, afterschool programs, schools, food banks, and similar projects. This page, however, does include a list of resources to help you find funding if you are an individual with a disability or have a family member with a disability. Other individuals are very unlikely to find any grants, but may be able to access federal and state programs that promote homeownership and provide access to loans

While there are no grants for individuals seeking to pay off bills, the website, Need Help Paying Bills, has many excellent ideas for connecting to resources that might help you pay your bills, or strategies that empower you to reduce those bills.

Be forewarned that there are dishonest people out there who will tell you what you want to hear, and take your money. Promoters of "free" government money have been investigated for fraud, and they typically distort the facts. Here's what one reviewer of Matthew Lesko's books accurately described the information that they contain. A New York Consumer Protection Board reporsays that companies are profiting from the false notion that the government has billions of dollars available to help people pay their credit-card bills and other expenses. The free money provided by the government comes primarily from programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and similar entitlement programs.

One reviewer of Lesko's book hit the nail right on the head: "This is info anyone can find out easy and free by simply visiting or calling the welfare office, HUD, the job service, social security, the neighborhood action program office, a veterans service office, or a local charity office. I already knew the supposedly 'secret' info Lesko presents, and more. Being a person that is partially physically disabled and was out of work for 3 years (due to an injury) I had participated in a number of the programs Lesko describes. Programs such as job retraining and placement, SSI, Medicaid, food stamps, and energy assistance. I even went through four years of college for free at Uncle Sam's expense, thanks to the US Department of Education's free financial aid for students. However, Lesko wasn't the first person to tell me about these programs."

See what some other websites are saying about the so-called "free money" scam:

Help finding funding for individuals with a disability, and their families

Family Voices Colorado or 1-800-881-8272, helps families and individuals identify resources to pay for a health or related service provider, or identify programs that children and adults are eligible for enrollment.

Colorado’s Community Centered Board system provides some funding to families and individuals with a disability, but there can be a wait list.

Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation provides some help to individuals with disabilities who are entering or reentering the workforce.

Help on benefit programs, loans, down payments for homes, and other resources

The Federal Government provides information on programs that may benefit individuals with disabilities.

Housing/Homeownership programs are not grant programs, but links to local nonprofit groups that help people purchase homes, provide access funds for down payments and offer other assistance.

General Federal assistance provides information on programs that may benefit individuals, but most of their listings are for tax credits, loans, or referrals to existing programs funded by the federal government. Includes a searchable database.

Warning: Do not pay money for guides that promise free money and grants for individuals.