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Since 1998, Grants West has helped nonprofit and tax-exempt groups raise $150 million through more than 1,100 funded grant awards, returning an estimated $143 for every dollar spent on our services. We specialize in writing mid- to larger-size grant proposals, including larger foundation, state and federal grants.

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We provide group and customized classes, including introduction to grants, federal grants, and businesses/careers in grant writing. Click here for current classes

T“I have taken two grant writing classes from Jay -- one a basic grant writing class and one on how to start a grant writing business. He tailors the class to the needs of people in the class and offers lots of practical advice that can only come from someone with long experience in the field.” – Jeff M.

“I recently attended a grant-writing course Jay provided. He was fantastic! All of us were engaged in active learning. Jay provided information, strategies, tips, and a helpful cooperative learning exercise. His course has helped me improve my grant prospecting, too.” - Meredith R.

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Perspectives of the Daniels Fund and Denver Foundation (PDF)
Guidance for new nonprofits seeking grants (PDF)  

Strategies for success

Capital campaigns and grants (PDF)
Grants play a small role in capital campaigns. This newsletter provides insight from a local foundation and two organizations that successfully completed capital campaigns.

Guide for applying for federal grants

The four pillars of grantseeking: why grants are awarded

Seeking grant funding involves much more than simply writing a strong grant proposal.

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