Are you ready to apply for grants?


Qualifying to apply for grants

Do you have your IRS 501c3 nonprofit status?



Do you have an active board of directors? What roles are assigned to your board members?

Is your board of directors unpaid? Does the board have autonomy from staff, or are some staff on both the board and management team?

How often does the organization evaluate its strategic direction and priorities? Does your organization have a three to five year strategic plan in place?


Community Partnerships/Nonduplication

Are you aware of other organizations that provide the same or similar services to yours?

Do you partner with other organizations?

What methods do you use to assess community need?



Do you have an annual budget? Do you have budgets for specific programs?

Do you have year-end financial statements? Were they developed by an independent CPA?

What percentage of your annual budget comes from non-grant sources?


Measuring Success

How do you measure success of your programs and services?

What specific tools do you use to identify outcomes and prove that your program is making an impact?

What system or databases do you use to track results?



What other fundraising does your organization carry out currently?

What marketing tools does your organization use? How do potential donors learn about your organization?

How many grantors have you contacted by phone to discuss your project or organization?