Resources for Writing Your Proposals

Looking to write your own proposals and just seeking some help? Below are three of our successful proposals and along with some key tips for success.

Writing the Federal Proposal

Sample proposal: Lightsville Public Schools (education)

The Lightsville Public Schools proposal (Adobe Acrobat PDF File) is presented as an example of the type of information required for a federal grant proposal. Please note that government agencies require specific a proposal format for all grant applicants, and there is no standard application format. Refer to the federal grants section for more details.

Tips for writing a federal proposal

Writing the Foundation Proposal

Sample proposal: Centerville Community Center (health)

The Centerville Community Center (name changed upon request of the applicant organization) is a neighborhood-based organization that provides health and community services. Centerville Community Center proposal (Adobe Acrobat PDF File).

Sample proposal: London Family Center (family services)

The London Family Center (name changed) is a family center providing parenting, case management, youth mentoring, tutoring and summer programming. London Family Center proposal (Adobe Acrobat PDF File).

Tips for writing a foundation proposal

Grant Prospect Research

Tips for identifying foundation and corporate prospects